Aeroparks Auckland Airport Parking FAQ


How far are you from the airport?

7 minutes.

Where are you located?

We are at 112 Pavillion Drive Airport Oaks.

Checking in

What do I do when I arrive?

Just drive your vehicle into one of 3 clearly marked lanes then remove your luggage and come to reception. There you will hand over your car key (not all your keys) and that’s it!* Hop into one of the vans outside and you’re off to the airport. (*note if you have not paid online you will be asked to pay before you depart).

How much time do I need to allow before my departure to arrive at Aeroparks?

Domestic Clients 1 Hour, International Clients 2.5 hours. – this will also be noted on your confirmation P-ticket.

Returning to Auckland

How do I get picked up from the Airport on my return?

You will receive a Welcome Home TXT, which you reply to when you have cleared Customs, or Domestically when you have retrieved your luggage from the carousel. Then one of our vans will pick you up from the specified pick up point.

What happens to me if the van is full when I get back?

This generally will not happen due to our automated pickup system, but occasionally this can occur when there are flight delays. We aim to pickup Clients in the order they contacted us and will send another van asap to pick up the remaining passengers.

Travelling with Children

What if I am travelling with children?

If your children require car seats then remove them from your car and put them into the van. We will ensure that on return that they will be in the van again for you to take your children safely back to Aeroparks. We do not have spare seats available for hire.
We also have ‘baby changing’ facilities in our bathroom.


If I want to “freshen up” before or after the flight how can you help?

Aeroparks has a toilet and shower available for all its customers. You are welcome to use it at any time. However, we do not provide toiletries or towels.


When do I pay?

You can pay online as park of the booking process or at the reception desk before you depart. Obviously, by paying online you are able to save time and make the check-process faster.

What are the accepted methods of payment?

We accept all major credit cards, EFTPOS.

How do you calculate parking charges?

We operate dynamic pricing. This means our prices can go up or down based on parking demand. Our prices are calculated per calendar day not hourly.

Is there a minimum number of days that I have to park?

There is no minimum or maximum. If you have a long term parking requirement please contact us to see how we can help you further.

Will I be charged if I return after midnight the day after I was scheduled to return?

Yes, as our system charges per calendar day. Of course, you will not be charged if the delay was caused by Aeroparks.

What if I return before the scheduled date?

Either email or phone Aeroparks to let us know of any changes before you board your return flight.

What if I return after the scheduled date?

Please contact us before your scheduled flight is due to return and we will update your booking for you. Any additional costs will be charged at Check-out.