About Aeroparks Auckland Airport Parking

Aeroparks is a proud New Zealand owned business that has been getting their clients to and from the airport safely, and on time since 2008. We are one of two original park and ride services that are still operating. With a strong legacy and experience our brand is positioned to provide quality service. We now have a robust loyal customer base which is one of the reasons we have been so successful. We take our commitment to vehicle security very seriously and are proud of the high level of customer service we offer.

Aeroparks Auckland Airport is part of a wider group of companies under the Aeroparks Holdings Ltd umbrella. The full suite of companies are

  • Aeroparks Auckland Airport - http://www.aeroparks.co.nz/
    Auckland airport park n ride service
  • Aeroparks Parking Solutions (APS) - http://www.aeroparksparkingsolutions.com/
    Specialists in designing, consulting and managing large parking projects for companies around the world. We assist the land/business owner and/or the property developer to maximise the parking provision to ensure increased ROI for the footprint, a greener footprint and enhanced customer service.
  • AeroDrive - https://www.aerodrivecarrental.com/
    Rental Car business in Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown
  • Aeroparks Software
    Providers of large scale Parking software
  • Aeroparks Investments
    Car Park property acquisition and development

Aeroparks Holdings Limited

  • Purpose is to “deliver smart car parking solutions that are efficient, green, safe and affordable” by delivering car parking systems at an affordable price”
  • Our story is to “Inspire all to re-think the parking paradigm”
  • Our value proposition is based on an integrated model
    Aeroparks Integrated Model
  • Our Values are
    · Customer Care
    · Safe & Smart
    · Smile
    · Drive
    · Reliability